Digital History Projects

Divided Union

A public history project that contextualizes the history behind Confederate statues, symbols, and base names that were nationally protested in the U.S. in the summer of 2020. It is a joint project with my colleague Janine Hubai.

Mobility in Slavery and Freedom: Mapping Paths of Escape, Enslavement, and Freedom in the U.S., 1830-1850

A project that visualizes and analyzes the paths of nine individuals who escaped from slavery during the antebellum era. Using R programming language to map nine different paths in the leaflet package, I argue that mobility was integral to slavery, freedom, and the liminal.

Women in War: State-Sanctioned Violence in Nineteenth Century America

An Omeka collection of over 100 items that encompass women of different races experiencing war and state-sanctioned violence in the nineteenth century in a variety of ways. This project was a group effort with colleagues Caitie Gale and Georgia Ferrell.

Gendering the Runaways

An exhibit within the “Women in War” collection that showcases enslaved women’s resistance during slavery by viewing runaway slave advertisements.

Buried Histories: A Feminist View of Land, Space, and U.S. Universities

The digital and condensed version of my Master’s thesis that explores the different representations and commemorations of the histories of settler colonialism, slavery, and whiteness from a feminist perspective.